Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Hi there,
Many thanks to those who have commented on my website. I have read all ur valuable comments and I would like to say the following
I agree with those who said that the coulors of the words and backgrounds , esp. on the homepage, are not convenient. At the beginning I thouoght that they are ok but when I read the comments and looked at them from the student or user's point of view,I saw that they are a little bit distracting. The images are also not appropriate and stretched because I wanted them to fit along the page and had to compromise the quality. Because I was short of time, I didnt have the time to proofread the pages in the website. As a result, I had a spelling mistade and the instructions were not clear for the studetns. If I am given the chance to do this again, I would have worked more on my website to make it look nice and educational.

Friday, November 03, 2006

my website

Hi there,
after struggling with HP and eventually succeeded, I had to publish my web site. I tried so hard but couldnt. Then I contacted Yvonne and she tried to give some step-by-step on-line instructions but again no luck. Finally, and after I almost cried, I tried to click on all the links on the geocities page. At the end I managed to upload my files and the website was there......
I would like to thank all the team for their patience and cooperation. You guys have been in contact with me even when I came back home. This was a great and unforgettable experience.
I ould like to invite you all to have a look at my website and post your precious comments.
Thank you again.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hi there,
phewwww...... I have been working on HP for some times but I could not manage to do the Jmatch activity. I followed the instructions and saved my work but whenever I insert a picture from a file, it does not appear in the activity. I always have something like a sctipt or html code. Soooo, anyone ( Nilly maybe):) please, give me some suggestions. I feel that I AM running out of time.
By the way, I planning to make some video on my website, so get ready //// :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

great experience

This week I have experienced the chatting with the group. We could communicate, ask and answer questions about the final assignment. It was a very good experience to hear from Debra and the classmates. I have started with my activity website.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

workshop 3

Hi there,,,,
2day I have learned many interesting new things:
1. I learned how 2 make links in my blogger and wiki page
2. I knew about the hot potatos and how we can create, modify and use them in our activities
3. now I know a recording program which I can use in order 2 record and play with my voice ( I might have it like Brad Pit's)Jeff, huh
4. I learned about the movie maker and how to compress sound, and video waves in order to use them in our sites ( if possible)
there are many other things but I cannot remember them all right now
oh, yeah,,,,
we created our first e-portfolios. I am glad that we did this because I think I will develop mne and make it include all my learning, teaching as well as life experiences. it is coooool.
now I am going to have a look at my classmates' webquests and give some comments
so, bye

That was close !!!

Today's workshop was so great and adventurous. well, first I had a real hard time posting my webquest in my wiki page and blogger. Fortunately, Debra was there 2 help (as usual)post it. Then, while I was trying 2 link the classmates' blogs to my blogger ( with Nilly and Mahsa's help), I messed up with the HTML language of the blogger and then I destroyed the whole thing and almost lost my entire blogger. I felt terrible and was about to start the whole thing all over again. Then, the silence was broken by a Chinese technology expert voice. Yes, it was Yvonne.... she saved me and told to change the template. Finally, I managed 2 have my blogger back. ( thankx 2 you all guys and off course 2 group work).

Monday, August 28, 2006

last session

well, last workshop was fum. i had the chance 2 read an article about the best webquest and now i know how 2 make mine one.( thankx 2 Helen)
we also knew how 2 upload an image onto the wikki page.
i have decided 2 use dreamweaver in designing my webquest but the problem is that i have downnloaded it a month ago and now i connot use any more. and i dont know what 2 do

Friday, August 25, 2006